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Timeline Retrospective

Timeline Retrospective

Reflect on how a project has gone over a longer period of time, focusing on key events, inflection points, and lessons learned.

A Timeline retrospective is best used for a longer timeframe than a single sprint, perhaps at the end of a project. Use it as a chance to look back on the project as a whole, and how it unfolded over time. What were the key events, and did these impact the project positively or negatively? Did things happen at the appropriate time during the project, or should some things have been earlier or later? What lessons could you take away to help next time?

Give your team a chance to brainstorm their feedback from the project onto sticky notes, and then have them arrange their notes in chronological order from left to right. You can use the vertical axis to track whether the feedback is positive or negative, or you could use it for additional grouping like the part of the project involved.

Check out our Guide to Retrospectives for a comprehensive overview of why and how to run a successful retrospective.

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