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Speed Geeking

Speed Geeking

Speed Geeking is a bit like speed dating or speed networking. It is a method to introduce participants to new ideas, thoughts or processes.

A large group split up into smaller groups that make their way around several short presentations by experts (geeks) who introduce them to new technologies, ideas or processes.

Each group visits each short presentation in turn until they are back at the beginning. Each presentation should be a fixed duration and allow participants to interact with the presenters.

Speed Geeking is useful when you have lots of new ideas, thoughts or processes to get across in a short time.

Using the Template

Use the Ground-Rules feature to ask guests to upload a picture to the Board, drag over their Avatar or add their name to a sticky note.

The facilitator moves the Avatars to each starting presentation. The expert (geek) then has a short duration to present to the group via an external tool like Powerpoint or Zoom.

Or, create links to break-out Boards for each presentation.

Use the Timer function to set a duration for each presentation.

Template based on the work of IPK in South Africa, an Ideaflip partner.