Selecting your Best Ideas

If you’ve used Ideaflip before, you’ll know that you can delete notes (and anything that’s stuck to them) by dragging them to the trash can. You’ve probably also drawn a group around a set of notes and dragged them to the duplicate icon to quickly create copies.

Dragging to the recycle bin to delete, and the duplicate icon to copy

However, working with an arbitrary set of notes that aren’t next to each other can be a bit tricky. So, Ideaflip now lets you select a set of notes just by clicking.

On a computer you can add or remove items from your selection by using a familiar SHIFT-click. On a tablet a long-press has the same effect.

Copy / Paste

Once selected, these items can moved together, or dragged to the trash can / duplicate icon as before.

But now, you can also copy them using Ctrl-C (on Windows/Linux) or Cmd-C (on a Mac) and paste using Ctrl-V / Cmd-V. As you’d expect, cutting with Ctrl-X / Ctrl-X and deletion using the Del or Backspace keys also works.

Use select to delete or copy ideas to quickly sort or prioritise ideas.

Using copy / paste also works between different Ideaflip boards. This means that, as a facilitator, you can prepare content on a separate board and paste it into a session at the appropriate time, opening up lots of exciting new ways to use our virtual sticky notes in the way that suits you best.

The selection also works with find in board — you can work with the notes highlighted by the find, move them together and add/remove to them to get the results you want.

You can also copy the results of your Ideaflip session straight into an email — the text of your notes will be pasted for you to tidy up and send on. Remember that you can always export a PNG or PDF of your board if you want to give the full picture.

Other Goodies

We’ve added a useful alternative way of resizing / rotating notes. Holding down SHIFT and dragging (or using a pinch gesture on a touch screen) is still the quickest way, but this provides an alternative method. If you need to put an item behind the others, you can still do that too.

As well as SHIFT-dragging, there are buttons for resizing and rotating.

The quick way of adding arrows between notes is also still here. However, you now need to select the note first before the long press brings up the arrow selector. We think of it as a kind of Morse Code like dot-dash action: click and then click and hold ( · – ) to reveal the chooser.

Add arrows quickly using a long press on a selected note.

[Just here for the guinea pigs? Read more about using AI to generate cavy names.]

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